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At maturity, Green Anoles will grow to a length of 5 to 8 inches. They are slenderly built, with a long, narrow head and a tail. Their tails are so long that they can be up to twice the length of their bodies. They are seen in several colors including, gray-brown, brown, and various shades of green, though most healthy males are bright green when non-threatened. Their colors depend largely on their environment and mood and will change depending on where they are kept and what conditions they are kept under. The male Anole also has a large pink fan of skin on its throat, called a dewlap. This is used for courtship rituals and when showing territoriality. It should be noted that some individuals may have white or blue dewlaps. They can climb and walk on almost all surfaces and they have fragile tails, which separates from the body if it is grabbed. This adaptation allows them to escape from predators.

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