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The Knight Anole is the largest anole in the world, and reaches an average 15 inches (38.1 centimeters) to 18 (45.72 centimeters) inches in length at maturity, though specimens as large as 22 inches (55 centimeters) have been observed. Some say that the Knight Anole's profile resembles the knight piece in a game of chess, this might explain where it gets its unusual name. The Knight Anole has a bony ridge on its head and large scales. In addition, they have a small dorsal crest. They have special cushions or pads on their five clawed toes that allow them to stick to some surfaces. They have interesting dark makings on their bodies. On their shoulders, they have lighter markings, and their stomachs and under parts are typically white. The eyes of the Knight Anole can move independently. Males and females are easily distinguished, as males have very large dewlaps (also called gular fans). Males are usually larger than females, but a very old female could just as easily reach a maximum length. The Knight Anole does not change colors as dramatically as some of the smaller anoles, but they can be seen to change from green to a light brown with yellow markings.

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