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By adulthood, male Spectacled Caimans are usually between six and a half to eight feet in length. Females are smaller. Spectacled Caimans derive their name from the bony ridge, which appears to connect their eyes in the manner of the bridge of a pair of spectacles. The upper eyelids are heavily ossified and are marked by a triangular ridge, giving the Spectacled Caiman a rather prehistoric appearance. Although younger Spectacled Caimans have yellow coloration with black spots, most adults are a matte olive green color, and the black markings are much less evident. Spectacled Caimans have between 72 and 78 teeth. Like other members of their family, Spectacled Caimans have a clear membrane that protects their eyes if they are opened underwater. Sadly, some people believe that Caimans will only grow to the size of the enclosure in which they are kept, resulting in a number of animals becoming deformed, mistreated, and generally unhealthy.

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