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A very large lizard and the largest of the family Anguidae, the Giant Legless Lizard averages between two and three feet (.6 to .9 meters) in length and can reach as long as four feet. They usually weigh between 11 and 21 ounces, 300 to 600 grams. The Legless Lizard, as the name would suggest, does not have developed legs and to the naked eye resembles a snake. However, they do have free-floating hipbones and the nubs of underdeveloped leg bones. They also have movable eyelids, belly scales, and the ability to break off their tail - all characteristics snakes do not share. They have powerful jaws and teeth. Within the family Anguidae, there are animals that have fully developed limbs as well as those, like the Giant Legless Lizard, that do not.

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