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When full grown, Long Tailed Grass Lizards can reach up to ten inches in length. They are generally greenish brown to brown, though some have a reddish tint, especially toward their tails. The undersides are usually lighter green in color. Usually thin, well-defined, white-bordered brown stripes are evident over the length of the Long Tailed Grass Lizard. Generally, males have thicker tail bases than females, and may have lighter spots over darker colored stripes. The tails are indeed long; in fact, some Long Tailed Grass Lizards have tails that are longer than their bodies are. Some Long-tailed Grass Lizards may also have a whitish belly with one long stripe on each side of their bodies. The stripes start at the nostril, around the eyes, then gets thicker toward the side. Soon the stripe narrows toward the long tail. Once it is near the tip, the stripe covers the tail. Some Long-tailed Grass Lizards also have either a brown back or a black back. Their legs could be bright red or a scarlet red with blackish spots.

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