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Chinese Water Dragons are lovely green lizards that appear to be mostly tail: the striped brown and green tail makes up about three-quarters of its full length. Males grow to be about three feet and females about two feet long, though some females can grow as larger, or larger than males. They are green with vertical stripes of a contrasting green color. Green Water Dragons have colorful throats, ranging from pink or peach to brighter shades of orange. They have triangular heads and a small shiny spot between the eyes, which Water Dragons use to thermo-regulate and sense light. The hind legs are more muscular than the slim front legs, and like us, Water Dragons have five toes. They have sharp claws and the middle toe is the longest toe. It is difficult to visually distinguish between the sexes and nearly impossible until the Water Dragon is sexually mature, though generally males are larger and have more pronounced heads and jowls.

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