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The Black Agama is a striking desert lizard that is not uncommon in the pet trade.

The Black Agama is one of several subspecies of Laudakia stellio and is perhaps the most beautiful. There is some debate as to the exact number of subspecies that exist, however, most of the research indicates there are five accepted subspecies. All of the subspecies seem to prefer sandy habitats. In the wild they are commonly seen in the lava desert. They are generally timid, and will run for cover when they are startled. Males, however, can be territorial; and when they are in a defensive posture, they will chase opponents while shaking their heads. The Black Agama is diurnal and commonly makes its home on rocks and in crevices. In captivity, the Black Agama is reported to become accostomed to handling fairly easily, and they are generally not as aggressive as some other types of agama.

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