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Agama Flying Dragon behavior

Perhaps you have heard stories of flying dragons. These stories find a bit of reality, but also more myths, in the Flying Lizard. Flying Lizards, or Flying Dragons, do not really fly; rather, they jump from trees and glide. These interesting lizards are also known as Flying Dracos and may be kept as pets.

In the wild, the Flying Dragon will generally claim a territory. Usually, males will mark two or three tree as their own, and one to three female Flying Dragons will live in each tree. When the male Flying Dragon meets another animal, he may extend his dewlap partially or fully, extend his wings partially or fully, perform a combination of dewlap or wing extension, or bob his body up and down. If he meets a female, he may circle her. Extending the wings and dewlap makes the Flying Dragon appear larger, and he will usually exhibit such behavior if he feels threatened. In order to move from one place to another, Flying Dragons will spread the skin flaps along their abdomens and glide out of trees or from other high areas. They never glide when it is raining or when it is windy. When the Flying Dragon is about to take off, it will point its head toward the ground. Usually, Flying Dragons are diurnal and hide in the late morning and early afternoon to avoid the most intense sunlight of the day. In captivity, they will need a well-lit terrarium with hiding places. These lizards will best thrive in large enclosures containing well-established plants. Their terrarium should be tall, as the Flying Dragon is arboreal, and at least 25 gallons in size. Although these lizards are very lovely, especially in "flight", it is probably best not to handle them too much. They are a bit shy and can become stressed easily.

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