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Agama Frilled Dragon behavior

Frilled Dragons got their name from their ability to extend huge flaps of skin on their neck as aggressive/defensive displays, or to show off for females.They are Agamids, like the Bearded Dragon.

Frilled Dragons are docile, active, and very curious. They love to climb and are very active in captivity. Overall, they are intelligent and calm, only becoming aggressive when they feel threatened. When they are frightened, their unique defensive posture kicks in; they enlarge and rattle their massive frill and then make hissing sounds, with their mouths in an aggressive expression. If frightened, they may flee on two feet. It should be noted that once Frilleds become accostomed to their captive environment, most will rarely, if ever, display their frill. Sexing is relatively hard, but males will begin to show hemipenal bulges around six months.

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