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The American Alligator is a massive and impressive reptile that has captured the imagination of people all around the world.

Although baby American Alligators may appear cute and easy to care for, be warned! They will grow about a foot and a half each year and may quickly become quite difficult and expensive to care for. For those who have the experience, space, and budget for a large and dangerous animal, the American Alligator makes an interesting pet. Although American Alligators are more docile than many crocodilian species, they do reach an extremely large size, making them potentially more dangerous than smaller animals. They prefer freshwater habitats although they can tolerate a certain amount of salt in the water and are commonly found in freshwater swamps. American Alligators dig burrows that they use in cold weather, and will cross land to find wet areas when the region in which they live dries up. Generally, fish, insects, carrion, and even the occasional small mammal are eaten. When water temperature falls below about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the American Alligator will stop eating. Generally, they hiss when upset. In captivity, commercial alligator chow is available on which to feed your animal. Generally, they will also do well when offered small mammals like mice or rats, in addition to fish or insects. Larger animals may eat chickens or rabbits, and an adult American Alligator may consume about 20 pounds of food each week. Although they do very well in outdoor enclosures including large ponds, they may also be kept inside if their owner lives in inappropriate climates. Although more tolerant of cold than other species, American Alligators usually do well when kept in a temperature of about 85 degrees Fahrenheit with a night time drop and a warmer basking spot.

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