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The Green Anole is an extremely popular pet. They are sometimes called "Chameleons" because they can change color a little, but they are not true chameleons.

Green Anoles are quite shy, though some may become tolerant of handling with exposure to gentle caretakers, though they normally object to being handled unless they are handled frequently. They are active lizards and usually do well housed in groups of one male to one or more females. As is true with all reptiles in captivity it is best to try to mimic their natural environment. In the wild, they generally are arboreal and can often be found on basking on walls and fences. Green Anoles will require greenery, shade, and a moist environment. Use a large wire cage with live, edible plants for best results. Temperatures should be set at daytime temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius over the basking area to 25 degrees Celsius in the cooler shady areas. Nighttime temperatures should be decreased to a range of 18 degrees Celsius to twenty-three degrees Celsius. A high level of humidity should also be maintained. In the wild the Green Anole eats small insects and spiders. In captivity, feeding should consist of a balanced diet consisting largely of insects; some may also eat meat and small amounts of fruit. Some keepers also recommend sprinkling food with vitamin powder. For watering, spray the leaves of the plants and then they will drink in this manner. The average life span of the Green Anole ranges from 2 to 7 years.

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