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The Brown Basilisk is native to Central America, and like other basilisks, it is able to run on water, earning it the name "Jesus Lizard."

While legends speak of basilisks as being able to turn anyone to stone with a glance, the real basilisk is far more innocuous, however, they are still interesting animals. They are able swimmers and use their swimming and water-walking abilities to escape predators. They come from a warm environment and prefer temperatures of between 84 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit. They are omnivorous and feed on a mixture of live food, such as insects and small rodents, as well as on vegetables and other plant life. The Brown Basilisk lives in forests, near water. They enjoy basking in the sun and will climb trees and rocks to do so.

Basilisks are able to "walk on water" because during their movement on the water they create air pockets and it is theorized that these air pockets help support the basilisk. These "air pockets" are actually slight cushions of air that form between the feet and the water and aid in preventing the feet from penetrating the surface of the water. Additionally, the angle in which the foot strikes the water aids in not only propelling the basilisk forward but upward as well. The combination of foot angle on the water, speed of the stride, and water surface tension allow this unique behavior.

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