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One of the two lizards that are actually venomous, the Beaded Lizard is as lovely as it is dangerous to predators. These beautiful lizards are hardy and interesting to observe.

In the wild, Beaded Lizards eat birds, lizards, various small mammals, and eggs. In captivity, they are usually fed a diet of mice. They generally are only active at night, and spend their time foraging for food. Beaded Lizards hide during the day in burrows, which they scoop out themselves. They will also stay underneath rocks, or in preexisting burrows or tunnels, resting during the hottest hours of the day. Beaded Lizards can climb and swim in addition to regular movement over dry land. Although Beaded Lizards do poison their prey, their venom is also useful to help the Beaded Lizard escape predators. If it bites an animal that is trying to eat it, its chances of getting away become much better. They have a bulldog-like bite and will clamp down and hang on.

Beaded Lizards, also known as Mexican Beaded Lizards, are in danger of becoming extinct in the wild. They suffer from habitat loss and are often even suffocated in their burrows in slash-and-burn agricultural practices. Another problem is the over collection of the Beaded Lizard for the pet trade. There are several collections of Beaded Lizards held by large organizations, allowing for good genetic exchange. Beaded Lizards are a taxonomic mystery; it is thought there are four subspecies, but further study is required

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