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Also known as the "Common Caiman", the beautiful Spectacled Caiman is quite popular as a pet among crocodilian enthusiasts.

In the wild, the Common Caiman is found in rivers and wet lowland habitats. They eat crustaceans, mollusks, birds, reptiles, and fish. Larger adults will sometimes take mammals as large as pigs. In the dry season when food is scarce, most Spectacled Caimans are forced to fast, although some will eat other caimans. There are definite social hierarchies among Spectacled Caimans in the wild, and some individuals show stunted growth due to the stress placed on them by larger individuals. Spectacled Caimans tend to be quite shy as hatchlings and spend lots of time hiding from view. Although the occasional adult is somewhat docile, more often than not, Spectacled Caimans are known for their aggressive nature as adults. In captivity, Spectacled Caimans will usually do well when fed twice weekly. They may be offered mice, fish, insects, or other prey items of appropriate size. Some people will leave live fish in their Caiman's enclosure, although some Caimans are very inaccurate hunters and it may be advisable to use fish which remain close to the surface and are slow moving. However, even when the Spectacled Caiman lunges at and misses a fish, it may injure the fish enough that the item becomes an easy prey for its next attempt. It is advisable to feed them with tongs to avoid serious injury. Spectacled Caimans will open their eyes, dilate their pupils, and hiss when alarmed. They appear to be calmed when their eyes are covered so that they cannot see. They are, however, fully capable of inflicting serious bites, so you should be careful when handling your Caiman or entering its enclosure.

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