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The Collared Lizard, also known as the Eastern Collared Lizard or "Mountain Boomer" has been known to escape danger in the wild by running on its two hind legs. Some people believe that this position gives this fairly long-lived lizard the look of a miniature Tyrannosaurus Rex. While occasionally eating plants, Collared Lizards are mainly carnivorous. Small mice, other small mammals, and even other lizards and snakes are all potential prey, though insects are generally the favored food staple. Additionally, the males of this species can be very territorial and often do not take well to other males being in its home range. Collared lizards prefer to flee in the face of danger, and can do so very well as they are adept runners and good jumpers. If left with no avenue of escape, they can bite very hard if needed. While largely harmless to humans, such a bite can break the skin on a person. A habit that potential owners might find interesting is that the Collared Lizard will wave its tail, much like a cat, when it is about to grab prey.

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