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The largest member of the family Anguidae, the Giant Legless Lizard is a unique and essential member of the animal kingdom. It is also known as the Glass Lizard, European Glass Lizard or European Legless Lizard. Giant Legless Lizards have several unique characteristics, which will be discussed.

The Giant Legless Lizard can most often be found in dry rocky areas. They especially enjoy making their homes on rocky hillsides, stone walls, or stone piles. The Giant Legless Lizard seems to be most active after it rains. They are diurnal reptiles, meaning they hunt during the day, though they are also active at others times of the day. They do all of their hunting on the ground. The Giant Legless Lizard enjoys a diet of small mammals, bird eggs, insects, and earthworms. One of the favorite foods of the Giant Legless Lizard is a hard-shelled snail, which their blunt, broad teeth and powerful jaws help them chew.Giant Legless Lizards are essential to the web that is the natural world because they eat pests, which are very destructive to crops. However, because of human predation and capture, the Giant Legless Lizard is considered fairly rare. Another common name for the Giant Legless Lizard is the "Glass Lizard". This name most likely stems from a legend that says that if the Giant Legless Lizard is shaken, it will break into thousands of pieces, like glass, hence the name. While this legend has no basis in fact, it is true that if alarmed, the lizard can shed its tail, which will then break into many pieces. This is primarily a defense mechanism: the pieces of tail continue wiggling and it is very difficult to tell what's lizard and what's tail. For this reason this species should not be handled regularly like some other captive reptiles. The Giant Legless Lizard, although it often reaches an early demise in the wild, can live up to 54 years in captivity.

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