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The amazing little Horned Toad is actually quite common in many areas of the Americas and is gentle enough to be handled by the children who often enjoy catching these animals.

When a Horned Toad feels threatened, it may hiss and puff out its body to look larger. If the danger does not disperse, the Horned Toad will squirt blood out of glands located in the corners of its eyes in order to scare the attacker away. Its spine also protects it from the snakes, roadrunners and coyotes that try to eat it. To catch these insects, the Horned Toad will remain motionless until the prey comes close to it. It may take a few steps toward the insect, or if the prey is close enough, flick out its tongue to catch it. A Horned Toad can eat as much as 100 ants in just one day. Most of the water Horned Toads need is obtained from their food or from dew or raindrops on plants. It has been reported that the Horned Toad cannot handle fire ants. The rumor around central Texas is that the fire ant is responsible for the relative scarcity of the Horned Toad in this area. When it rains, Horned Toads use their backs to funnel water into their mouths. At night, the Horned Lizard burrows into the ground to bury itself a few inches beneath the surface and emerges in the day to bask. When they are too hot, Horned Toads will seek shade in a bush or may bury themselves. They can also hibernate in winter, and because of these adaptations, Horned Toads can inhabit climates from temperate woodlands to deserts.

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