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A beautiful animal to keep, the Sailfin Dragon is a favorite among many reptile lovers.

The Sailfin Dragon, is an interesting reptile. They are large lizards that can grow to over three feet in length. Sailfins need relatively large enclosures, at least a 55 gallon terrarium for adults, and for some individuals this will be too small. Sailfins that are kept in enclosures that are too small have a tendency to bang and/or rub their noses against the enclosure walls. Sailfins like to soak and are excellent swimmers. You should provide a water area or dish large enough for them to get inside of. The cage needs to have hide boxes or plants and branches arranged so that the Sailfin has ample hiding spots. The ambient daytime temperature should be about 85 degrees fahrenheit, with a basking area about 90 - 95 degrees fahrenheit and a cooler area about 80 - 85 degrees fahrenheit. At night the temperature should be about 10 degrees cooler to adequately simulate a day & night cycle. Baby rodents can be fed live, but adult mice should be prekilled so they cannot bite your Sailfin. Most Sailfin Water Dragons can become accustomed to regular handling and can make good pets, but they can also be very flighty.

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