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Sudan Plated Lizard behavior

The Sudan Plated Lizard is a timid animal found in Africa. Although naturally shy, this lizard can easily be acclimated to the company of humans. They are a moderately sized animal and make an excellent pet for a lizard-lover.

Found primarily in relatively dry climates, the Sudan Plated Lizard can sometimes be seen retreating into the burrows, mounds and nests of other creatures. They generally live in regions that are rocky and do not have much vegetation. They spend most of their time hidden underground to avoid the hot desert sun, a habit that reinforces their shy personality. They are diurnal animals, meaning they do most of their hunting during the day. When threatened, the Sudan Plated Lizard usually hides. If threatened they will use their tail as a weapon. This is beneficial not only because the tail is very heavy and can cause a lot of harm to the attacker, but also because if the tail is broken off it can be regenerated. In captivity, the Sudan Plated Lizard will become tolerant of handling. When creating an enclosure for the Sudan Plated Lizard it is important to bear in mind that these lizards do climb, and they should be given ample climbing room. The average Sudan Plated Lizard will live between seven and twelve years.

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