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The Colombian Black and White Tegu is one of the most commonly kept Tegus and is often referred to as the Common Tegu. While not the longest or most massive of the Tegus, it is still a relatively large lizard. The Colombian Black and White Tegu should not be confused with the Argentine Black and White Tegu, also called the Giant Tegu, a closely related species that is much more rare in captivity.

The Colombian Black and White Tegu is a tropical South American lizard. Though they are considered a terrestrial species, they are adept climbers and swimmers - fast and agile in the trees, on the ground, and in the water. When the Tegu is feeling threatened it will raise its body up while breathing deeply and loudly and inflating itself with air, so that it will appear larger and more threatening. It may also raise its tail off the ground in preparation to whip the attacker. The Colombian Black and White Tegu is a relatively aggressive lizard, and if its defensive displays fail, it will not hesitate to bite and whip its potential attacker.

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