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Because of their large size and expensive requirements, American Alligators are generally not recommended for beginning crocodilian keepers.

Generally, female American Alligators have reached sexual maturity by the time they are between five and six feet in length. Courtship behavior involves several forms of communication include bellowing, scent marking, and slapping of the head on the water. For several hours, mating pairs may rub snouts and backs. In early summer, American Alligators build nests of vegetation and mud, in which they will deposit about 40 eggs. Generally, the eggs take around 65 days to incubate after they have been covered with vegetation, and the female remains in the area to guard them. The mother American Alligator will break open the nest to assist the babies in hatching and will carry them to the water, where they will form a pod and remain with the mother for about three years.

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