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American Crocodiles require large habitats involving both land and water areas. Water should be freshwater, particularly for young animals and hatchlings that cannot tolerate high levels of salinity. Because of their large size, American Crocodiles are potentially dangerous even if they are not overtly aggressive and should be handled with caution.

The courtship for American Crocodiles can last up to two months and occurs in spring or early summer. Usually, it is the female that initiates mating behavior. Females will build nests according to the habitat they live in. Where sandy embankments are available, American Crocodiles will dig burrow-like nests. In areas that flood readily, American Crocodiles will construct tall mound nests to elevate their eggs. On average, 38 eggs are laid, though numbers between 20 and 60 have been reported. At the beginning of the rainy season the eggs hatch, usually about 90 days after they were deposited. Hatchlings are about 25 centimeters long. Although varying degrees of care and protection from the adults have been observed, the greenish colored hatchlings usually leave the area where they were hatched within a few days.

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