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The Knight Anole is a warm weather species, preferring captive temperatures between 82 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit (27.7 Celsius - 30 Celsius) in the daytime, with cool temperatures between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (23.8 Celsius - 26.6 Celsius) at night. This species does not tolerate cold temperatures well. They should be provided with full-spectrum fluorescent lighting. In captivity they should be misted at least twice a day and be watered on a drip system. A shallow bowl of water should be provided for your Knight Anole, though they will generally only drink water in the form of drops, which is why misting and drip watering are recommended. This Anole is typically less active than its smaller cousins. The Knight Anole is often best kept singly and should never be kept with smaller lizards, since small lizards make up part of their natural diet in the wild. Knight Anoles, will usually adjust to new their new environment easily, though in some cases it might take a while.

If you live in the proper climate, an outdoor enclosure may be used. It is important to provide proper areas for basking and also shaded areas to avoid over heating. In addition outdoor enclosures should not be glass, but rather open circulation areas where air may flow freely throughout the enclosure.

The Knight Anole lives an average 10 years, though they can live up to 12.

The Knight Anole is an egg layer. It is reported that they lay 1 to 3 eggs per clutch.

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