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Spectacled Caimans may have trouble digesting insects with tough exoskeletons, so it may be better not to feed them such items. The water in their enclosures should usually be kept around 80 degrees Fahrenheit and they should be provided with a warmer basking spot in the dry land area of their home. Because Spectacled Caimans have tendencies to poke about and dig, it is best not to place heavy rocks or other large items in the enclosure that could fall on them. They like floating logs or flat rocks on which to rest.

Female Spectacled Caimans usually reach sexual maturity between four and seven years of age. They show courtship displays and will mate between May and June. During the wet season, the Spectacled Caiman constructs a nest from vegetation and soil. They will lay between 14 and 40 eggs in this nest, which will incubate for about 90 days. Often, female Spectacled Caimans will use communal nests, guarding them carefully from predators. When the little Caimans hatch, they eat mainly invertebrate animals. They follow a single female about while they are young, and this female may take care of the young of several other Caimans. At this time, social hierarchies are established.

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