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4-Horned Chameleons require low temperatures. During the day they can should have a temperature gradient of about 70 degrees Fahrenheit at a cool end and 80 degrees at the warmest end. At night the temperature should drop to 60 - 65 degrees. The humidity in the enclosure should be between 85% and 100%. The Four-Horned's enclosure should be showered regularly by heavily misting plants in the enclosure. This is important because, like all chameleons, the Four Horned Chameleon drinks the water droplets on the leaves. Using distilled water will prevent unsightly spotting on the glass of their enclosure. Like most other chameleons, vertical enclosures are better than horizontal. A cage that is three to five feet tall is ideal, but if a shorter cage is desired, they should not be shorter than two feet in height.

Though they can sometimes live peacefully in groups, females will probably live longer and have more clutches, if kept singly. In captivity, females lay 8-15 eggs about three times a year. If you house your Quads separately, place the female in the male's cage and observe her reaction to the male's advances. If the female is not receptive, separate the pair and try again in about a week. If they do mate, return the female to her own enclosure. If the mating was successful, she will show gravid colors about two days after copulation. Eggs should be incubated at 72-73 F and hatch in approximately 18 weeks.

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