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Collared Lizards generally need a good deal of space. A 20-gallon (76 Liter) vivarium should be considered the minimum for a pair. Housing two males together is strongly discouraged. The territorial nature of these lizards could make a situation such as this disastrous.

Certain needs should be kept in mind while you landscape your Collared Lizards home. One factor is that Collared Lizards like to hide when they feel threatened. Steps should be taken to make sure there are a number of good retreats for the lizards throughout their new home. These lizards need full spectrum UV lighting for about 13 hours per day. These lizards also are used to hotter temperatures, often between 85-95 F (29-35C) during the day and 68-75 F (20-24C) during the nighttime. The enclosure should have a daytime temperature gradient of about 80 degrees Fahrenheit at the coolest end of the enclosure, a large area 85 - 90 degrees, and a basking area about 100 F. The nighttime temperature should be about 75 F.

Light and humidity are also important factors. Unfiltered natural is the best sort of light for these animals. Fluorescent full spectrum/UV radiant reptile lights can be used when natural light is not possible. A shallow dish of water should be made available for the lizard at all times. The dish should be cleaned and refilled daily. The lizards should also be misted at least 2-3 times a week. Some lizards simply will not drink from their dish, in which case they will need to be misted daily.

The mating season for the Collared Lizards is in the spring, with clutches varying from 1-12 eggs being laid in late June into July. The lizard's hatchlings generally appear in August and September, after approximately 10 weeks of incubation.

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