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In captivity, Crevice Spiny Lizards can do well when kept in a terrarium with a sandy substrate. They should be provided with patches of moist peat moss or a humidity box to allow them pockets of humid air. Crevice Spiny Lizards usually enjoy lots of hiding areas or branches. Flat rocks may also be appreciated. A basking spot of about 100 degrees Fahrenheit should be provided, and the overall ambient temperature should remain around 85 degrees Fahrenheit. At night, the temperature can drop down to about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Crevice Spiny Lizards often eat crickets, spiders, flies, or moths. Many people also offer their lizards pinkie mice, superworms, or waxworms. Water can be provided through a misting of the sides of the tank, until droplets form.

Crevice Spiny Lizards bear live young. Usually, about 11 little lizards will be born between the months of June and July.

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