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Though they can become somewhat docile with regular handling, particularly when raised from a juvenile, Columbian Black and White Tegus are relatively large, quick, and aggressive lizards and are not recommended for children or beginning lizard keepers. They are often voracious feeders, and even normally docile specimens may bite their keeper, if he or she smells like food.

Columbian Black and White Tegus should be kept at tropical temperatures and humidity levels and should be exposed to full spectrum UV lighting for about 13 hours a day. They should be given things such as branches, logs, and rocks to climb on. Ideally, the substrate would be one in which the Tegu can dig and hide, such as orchid bark, sand, or aspen shavings. If using these types of substrate, which may accidentally be consumed with their food, it is best to feed them in a different container or observe them while they are eating to be sure they are not ingesting the substrate material. If the substrate is such that the Tegu cannot burrow, it is especially important to provide many hiding places, so the lizard will feel secure.

Captive Columbian Black and White Tegus should be fed a variety of foods such as insects, rodents, boiled egg, and canned Tegu and Monitor lizard diet. Soft fruits or vegetables can be offered, but most Columbian Black and White Tegus will not eat much, if any, plant matter. Though it has been reported that some individuals really enjoy a variety of fruits. Some popular fruits include strawberries, rasberries, apples. If you choose to feed apples it is important to feed apples without seeds, since most fruit seeds are toxic to tegus. Captive Black and White Tegus have a tendency to become obese in captivity, so care should be taken to not overfeed.

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