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Should you care to have more than one, a male and female or several females will get along nicely. Please be sure not to put two male Water Dragons in an enclosure, as they will fight.

Water Dragons should be misted every day because they need the humidity to be above 80% all the time. Chinese Water Dragons need a large enclosure, four feet by two feet by two feet should provide the proper space needed to house one adult, though the larger the enclosure the better. Multiple dragons will require more space. Provide them with a water bath for drinking and bathing and a basking spot of about 85 to 90 degrees. Water should be cleaned daily, as they tend to deficate in their water. The rest of the enclosure should remain about 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. At night the temperature should be in the lower seventies. Provide full-spectrum UV light for 12 to 14 hours a day. They also seem to like a good misting every few days. Chinese Water Dragons also need plants and branches to climb on, and females need a box about eight inches deep filled with moist soil in which to lay their eggs. Female Water Dragons may lay eggs even if they have not been bred and could become egg-bound if they can not find a suitable nesting spot, so this is very important. Water Dragons can jump, so it is important to make sure their enclosure is covered with a ventilated screen to prevent escapes.

Be sure to handle your Water Dragon for only a few minutes each day until it has become used to you, and beware of its tail! If nervous, the Water Dragon will whip its tail at you, which can be very painful, and if terrified, it may bite.

Chinese Water Dragons are easy to breed and this should be attempted only when the throats have reached their final bright color, indicating sexual maturity. Be sure the female is given a place to hide from the male, as he may become aggressive during the mating season. Generally, eggs require two months to hatch and before laying the Water Dragon may lose her appetite. Hatchlings are generally five to six inches long, with four to five inches of this comprised of their tails alone. They are a dull brown-green color with lighter vertical stripes and a lighter, whitish underside.

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