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The European Legless Lizard is found primarily in Eastern Europe, from the Balkans to Northeastern Italy, to Northeast Bulgaria. They can also be found in parts of central and southwest Asia and in the Caucasus mountain range. The Giant Legless Lizard can live as long as 54 years in captivity. However, their lifespan in the wild is much shorter as they are often mistaken for snakes and killed by humans for that reason, or removed from the wild to be kept as pets. People who live in the same regions as the Giant Legless Lizard realize that they play an important role in the economy, and will often protect them from harm. On the Crimean Peninsula, the Legless Lizard is considered a natural treasure. They serve an important role in the ecology, eating insects that often prey on crops. Unfortunately, less well-informed humans are quickly destroying the animal's natural habitat, which in turn destroys the animals themselves. Like other reptiles, the Giant Legless Lizard plays a variety of roles in human life, including keeping the populations of other animals from reaching pest proportions.

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